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An assortment of 1,610 popular sizes of Ulti-Mate® high performance woodscrews. Contains 3.5 x 30mm (Qty 150), 4.0 x 25mm (Qty 150), 4.0 x 30mm (Qty 140), 4.0 x 40mm (Qty 200), 4.0 x 50mm (Qty 150), 4.0 x 60mm (Qty 150), 5.0 x 40mm (Qty 140), 5.0 x 50mm (Qty 140), 5.0 x 60mm (Qty 100), 5.0 x 70mm (Qty 100), 5.0 x 80mm (Qty 90), 5.0 x 100mm (Qty 100), PSD® 1-2 Driver Bits (Qty 5) and PSD® 2-2 Driver Bits (Qty 3).

  • The Ulti-Mate® wood screw is a high-performance screw that is ideal for tradesmen and DIY'ers alike. This multi-purpose product can be used for fixing hard wood, soft wood, man-made timber boards (e.g. MDF, plywood, chipboard & OSB) and sheet metal.
  • Ulti-Mate® wood screws feature a sharp point with a prominent thread at the tip. This allows for a rapid start and immediate thread engagement, saving precious time and effort. As well as spending less time driving the screws, more screws can be fitted per battery-charge, compared to competitors' products.
  • A high-quality Stick-Fit® driver bit is included in every single box of Ulti-Mate® wood screws. Once the screw is engaged to the driver bit, the patented PSD® recess gives a Stick-Fit® connection that enables the screws to remain attached to the bit whilst allowing one-handed driving. One-handed driving allows the free hand to position whatever is being fixed into exactly the required position.
  • Other benefits include: a slotted shank that reduces wood splitting, a countersunk head complete with ribs for a flush finish every time. Note: 40mm and shorter length screws do not have the ribs, ensuring that they are hinge compatible.
  • Zinc & Yellow (Z&Y) finish offers resistance to corrosion.

Ulti-Mate Woodscrews PoziSquare Double Csk ZYP - Case of 1610 Screws

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