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In addition to the products listed for purchase online we also sell & stock a comprehensive range of fasteners & fixings. Please call us on 01789 269 661 to discuss your requirements.

Representative Stock

Below is a list of representative stock that we carry at our Stratford - upon -Avon branch, please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to draw up a quote for postage based on weight of the items.


We supply metric set-screws, bolts, socket-countersunk, socket-caps, grub screws, machine screws, threaded bar & more in various grades including: 8.8 10.9 & 12.9.

UNF / BSF / UNC / Whitworth

In addition to standard metric sizes we also carry & can supply other sizing  / pitch & materials including brass.


We carry a vast selection of screws, from wood-screws to decking screws & more.

Stainless Steel

We can supply & hold stock of set-screws, bolts, screws & more in stainless steel.

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