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Manufactured from a high grade M2 tool steel. This durable engineering quality drill will give a consistent rapid performance into all non-alloy materials.

• Fully ground from solid material
• High grade M2 alloyed High Speed Steel (HSS)
• Dimensionally precise
• Manufactured to DIN 338
• 135° Split point


1.0mm (Qty 1)
2.0mm (Qty 1)
3.0mm (Qty 1)
4.0mm (Qty 1)
5.0mm (Qty 1)
6.0mm (Qty 1)
7.0mm (Qty 1)
8.0mm (Qty 1)
9.0mm (Qty 1)
10.0mm (Qty 1)

Ground Jobber Drill Bit Set 10pcs

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