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Comprehensive set of jigsaw blades to cover a multitude of cutting requirements into wood, metal and plastic.

ContentsAHG13 (Bosch Equiv. T111C) 100mm (Qty 2)
AHGS14 (Bosch Equiv. T144D) 100mm (Qty 2)
AHC12 (Bosch Equiv. T101B) 100mm (Qty 2)
AHC14 (Bosch Equiv. T101D) 100mm (Qty 1)
AHC12R (Bosch Equiv. T101BR) 100mm (Qty 2)
AHW12K (Bosch Equiv. T119BO) 76MM (Qty 2)
AMG11 (Bosch Equiv. T118A) 76mm (Qty 3)
AMG12 (Bosch Equiv. T118B) 76mm (Qty 2)

Mixed Jigsaw Set - Wood & Metal Cutting - HSS Blades Mixed

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