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A set of metric hex keys, manufactured from high grade alloy steel for strength and durability. Featuring a standard hex head and ball end for better fastener driving at an angle and a long shaft for increased rotational torque.

• Precision ground tips, milled to maximise purchase and prevent fastener damage
• Ball end works on angles up to 25 degrees
• Long shaft for greater rotational torque

Corrosion resistant plating


Contents1.5mm (Qty 1)
2.0mm (Qty 1)
2.5mm (Qty 1)
3.0mm (Qty 1)
4.0mm (Qty 1)
5.0mm (Qty 1)
6.0mm (Qty )
8.0mm (Qty 1)
10.0mm (Qty 1)

Timco Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Set 9pcs

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