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A selection of commonly used zinc plated nuts in a handy and reusable storage pack with clip-shut lid.
Contents Hex Nuts (DIN 934): M4 (Qty 150), M5 (Qty 110), M6 (Qty 100), M8 (Qty 90), M10 (Qty 40), M12 (Qty 30) Nylon Nuts Type T (DIN 985): M4 (Qty 150), M5 (Qty 110), M6 (Qty 80), M8 (Qty 40), M10 (Qty 15), M12 (Qty 10) Wing Nuts: M6 (Qty 30), M8 (Qty 15), M10 (Qty 10)

Timco Mixed Nuts Grab Pack - Zinc 980pcs

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